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How do our programs work?

Rookie → Recreational → Rep

Rookie → Recreational:

According to Wikipedia, “A rookie is a person in his or her first year of a sport…”

Our Rookie and Recreational program are similar in nature for the basketball program as we deliver the Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB) Program in partnership with Canada Basketball. The SNYB program (found in our Recreational division) is designed for players aged 7 to 12 years old who may be in their first year in sport or first time ever touching a basketball. The Rookie program delivers FUNdamental movement in sport and designed to teach players aged 4-6 the basics of athleticism, sportsmanship, character through sport. All RookieRecreational programs are designed to a fun learning experience so that players not only appreciate the value of sport, but more importantly, desire to develop a passion to learn more. Our program will encourage players to not only be DAREful and LOVEing during our clinics, practices and programs, but also to continue long-term athletic development (LTAD).

According to Canada Sport for Life:

“Science, research and decades of experience all point to the same thing: kids and adults will get active, stay active, and even reach the greatest heights of sport achievement if they do the right things at the right times. This is the logic behind the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).”

Quite often, players will seek to use their newly learned skills on the court through friendly competition. The fall season will start with Rookie and Recreational players learning skills and drills using the FUNdamentals and the SNYB curriculum. The winter season has been designed for players to use those newly learned skills in a house league or at (a) tournament(s).

Competitive or Rep

Many of our players ages 10 and older who have been through the SNYB program have expressed a desire to play in a more competitive environment and they seek new challenges. Hence, we have developed a Competitive division that has 2 different components: Performance Training and Rep play. Performance training is typically conducted during the summer months and practices commence again in the fall before entering into a competitive house league or Rep tournaments.

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As a DAREful and LOVEing organization, our mandate is to encourage and maintain virtues and values. Character development at all levels is a priority over athletic development. If a player can develop the discipline, attitude, respect through effort; they will not only be successful in sport but also in life. If they can LOVE: listen, obey, volunteer and do it every day, they can learn the values of contributing in their community, at home and at work. These are the principles that are a foundation for success in all areas.

We endeavour to give every child in our community the opportunity to play sport and be introduced to athletic and character development. That is why we offer free clinics to all youth on selected dates and times…so that they can learn to love sport too.

Register for a free clinic or a regular weekly program today and be DAREful and LOVEing.

Rookie (ages 4-6)
Recreational / Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB) (ages 7-9, 10-12)
DAREtoLOVE Soldiers (REP Team)

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